Welcome to Kingfisher Pool, Warwick
A Unique Facility for the Young and Disabled

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Kingfisher Pool Rules

All Juniors must have an approved Permit issued by the JAC, issued annually, and carried at all times when using the Pool. The expiry date of the final Permit is its owner’s 18th Birthday

Juniors under 11 years fishing the Pool must be part of a JAC organised event  or accompanied by a responsible, supervising adult who may fish the Pool from the same platform

Juniors between the age of 11-15 should always attempt to operate the “buddy” system when they are accompanied by another in the same age range

Disabled Junior anglers should be accompanied by a responsible supervising adult at all times who may fish from the same platform

Disabled adults and Senior Citizens must have an approved Permit to be carried at all times when using the Pool

No Fires or Barbecues on Kingfisher Pool site

No Cans to be brought on site except at organised events

All litter including discarded line to removed from the site

Angling Rules

All anglers should check the on site Noticeboard which will notify of the availability of the Pool and advise them of forthcoming events.

Rod licence is legally required for Juniors over 12 years (issued free from Environment Agency)

No Keep nets except during organised events.

Barbless hooks must be used

Ground bait may be used in moderation

Bloodworm, jokers and all fake baits are not allowed

Live-baiting is not allowed

All pegs (platforms) must be left clean and tidy at the end of an angling session and rubbish taken home or deposited in on site rubbish bins.

Use of landing nets is compulsory

No fish to be removed from the water

Kingfisher Pool is open from 8 am to 8 pm daily. No fishing at other times.Rod licence required for juniors over 12

Parent/helper can only fish from the same platform

Always consult the notice board before fishing

Have a suitable Rod licence available for inspection

Use a landing net but NOT a keepnet

Use barbless hooks

Fish from a platform

Only fish with ONE rod whip or pole at a time

You can have as many rods as you like made up ready to fish on the bank

Do not leave your rod unattended with the bait in the water

Do not use Livebait

Night fishing is not permitted

Obey Bailiff’s instructions

Observe fishing time restrictions

Do not leave litter but take it home

Do not take cans on site

Rules offenders will be asked to leave the Pool

Continued offending will result in withdrawal of your permit

Expiry date : 31st March

New Applicants must be under 17 on April 1st

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