Welcome to Kingfisher Pool, Warwick
A Unique Facility for the Young and Disabled

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The Angling Development Board

is the new, single organisation to represent

all game, coarse and sea anglers and angling in England

The Angling Trust

is the national body for coarse, Game and Sea fishing

The British Disabled Angling Association

develops opportunities for people with disabilities

Dreamstore UK  

supports and promotes activities which benefit education,

social inclusion, conservation through fishing

The Environment Agency

is responsible for all matters concerning the environment

and, for the coarse angler, especially for rivers, lakes and canals


offers recording and music services, often free of charge.  

They also designed this website

Get Hooked on Fishing  

works with local communities to create opportunities for young people

to have a brighter future

The Professional Anglers’Association  

provides tuition, guidance, learning or help in all fishing methods

The Salmon and Trout Association  

addresses the damage done to our rivers by the

polluting effects of the Industrial Revolution

Sport England  

Is committed to helping people and communities

across the country create sporting habits for life

Alan Jones AJ Publishing

Author, Lyricist, Film Maker

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