The History of Kingfisher Pool

The Junior Angling Committee was formed in 1990 to encourage young people to take up fishing safely and in an organised way. Initially it ran its teaching courses on borrowed stretches of the River Avon. In 1993 with no funds and no assets, other than a large band of volunteers the idea of a special facility for young people was mooted.

The search for suitable (and available) water was, unsuccessful. No surprise really! Then we considered building from scratch- an outrageous idea!

We had established a good relationship with Warwick District Council. We identified a piece of land next to the River Avon owned by the Council. To everyone's surprise and delight we were offered it at a peppercorn rent! Its location, next to the river and in the centre of town would make it very accessible. A planned walkway and cycle path around the site would make it even more ideal.

At this point, having seen a clear potential, we decided to design the facility to accommodate the disable too. We also wanted to create a dipping pond for nature study for local children.

Next came the search for funding. Digging a large two acre hole was frighteningly expensive.The location on the flood plain meant that all spoil would have to be removed from the site. The cost of platforms, paths and stocking fish and the cost was added, bringing the total cost to £200,000.

We decided to go ahead with a Sports Lottery bid. First we had to set out to raise the necessary 10% “up front” cash and “in kind” offers to meet the Sports Lottery criteria. We approached fishing interests, local businesses and charity funds and put on fund raising events. Planning permission needed to be obtained in advance and then we set about making our application.

Six months later, after hundreds of hours preparation, the documentation was complete and our bid was ready. On June 4th 1996 we were told that a grant of £181,000 would be made. Because we seemed to have put things in place well, unbelievably, by October 1996 the lake and its 37 specially designed platforms and paths was complete. Stocking would take place the following Spring. Kingfisher Pool was opened by John Wilson on June 15th. 1997.

Permits are available to anyone under the age of 17 or for the disabled of any age

We lay on beginners courses and work with local schools and children’s groups and children are helped at other times by regular visits of bailiffs. The Junior Angling Committee, made up of representatives of the local angling community and individual volunteers.. Annual permits are available.  It is not a Day Ticket water.